Enter the Gap is a temporary gap where the artist opens the doors to a place in a state of change, to a contemporary and futuristic landscape whose visit was only tangible for about an hour. It is an artistic project with ephemeral character that took place in the center of Valencia with the support of VAVA Gallery, the art gallery highlighted by its fleeting exhibitions.

An innovative show that crosses the limit of artistic everyday life through an explosive work where the artist surprises us with stunning pieces of large dimensions. Under the ground of the Central Market of Valencia, La  Plaza de Brujas, the work of an underground parking that culminates in a future metro station is planned, a huge space of 7 floors deep that has remained, until a few weeks ago, in full state of abandonment. This was the place chosen by the artist to present his new work with inflatable geometric pieces up to 4 meters high. 

Those called to the event, via Email, WhatsApp and Instagram, clandestinely, were driven by “the gap” of the Valencian subsoil until about 21 meters deep, completely unaware that it was waiting for them, to find a colossal panorama of life and color.

The temporary nature of the exhibition and the fact that the space was underground, isolated from the habitable plane and unknown, creates a reality that is only feasible during the course of the installation. Once those doors are reopened, it will be a Valencia metro station. That is the concept 'Gap', a door to a dimension that the artist created.

25 May 2018, Valencia.