From ancient times, to get the control and the comprehension of our “background”, humanity has created in different cultures all the types of symbology to define graphically the equilibrium, by comparing force and vital concepts in our development as species.
The gamada cross, the ying yang and the shu square, are some examples of symbols that bond equilibrium and divinus concept.

With “Equilibrium” I present my own symbol of equilibrium, adapted to the current times, where there aren’t only natural and astrological phenomenons, but also seeks the

equilibrium between natural and virtual.

Virtual is a new concept of reality, parallel to nature. As species, we meet a point where is possible alternate two distinct concepts of life. This new reality made by human makes stronger more than ever the “God’s death”, once capable to create life: Ergo sum GOD. Here came the necessity of a new symbol where are opposed Real Life and Internet, Natural Chaos Order and Virtual Chaos Order as sum of factors that give rise to Equilibrium.

6 May 2019, Ibiza